Learning Python

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Thinking of learning Python or planing to change career track to be Python developer.

Let us start with few job profile where Python developers are in demand: Python Developer, Data Analyst, Automation Engineer, Full Stack Python Developer, Backend Engineer, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer

All right friends, then let us start the journey of learning Python.

Learning Materials

Books for reference and concept

Go through the books listed here and based on your level understanding take any start reading it. In case you did not understand any topic or example of the book, don’t stop and spend much time on it. You can always come back later and go through again.

Try online programming challege

Login to codewars.com and try some programming challege whenever you get sometime. It helps in mastering algorithm and python skill.

Learn Python by building some useful projects

  • Build small window application using tkinter. Think of any problem which you want to solve, if you are not able to find then take any existing product where desktop application is used and develop application for it. This application should have login functionality, it should have main window with menus. To start with, you can use sqlite database. You can refer Python Sqlite video to start with. You can refer tkinter demo.
  • Write script to scrape data from any website. You can refer Beautiful-Soup web scraper
  • Develop portfolio website with CRUD and REST API functionality. You can start with Flask framework.

To be continued…

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